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  solutions start with leveraging the gamut of functions that Microsoft Office(1) exposes in its graphical user interface (the ribbon in Office2007+ or menus and so forth in Office2003) 


  • choosing the required options in the configuration settings
  • creating styles, templates, themes, building blocks, sample files,...
  • optimizing the Quick Access toolbar, custom ribbon tabs, (as well as Office2003 toolbars)
  • ...
The graphical user interface will be enhanced through XML coding as needed


  • custom colors in addition to custom theme colors
  • custom groups and tabs in the ribbon (or custom menus and toolbars in Office2003)
  • custom menus in the Office button (2007) or in the backstage tab (2010)
  • custom contextmenu (Office2010+)
  • ...
Missing functions are programmed in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or with the VSTO (Visual Studio Tools für Office) in the .NET framework


  • automating repetitive and circumvent tasks involving many mouse clicks and keystrokes
  • mass document conversions due to re-branding
  • integration with document/content management systems
  • data consolidation and analysis of customer/employer surveys
  • ...

A demo is worth a thousand words.  

Get a practical MSO deluxe experience in Excel or PowerPoint through these work samples and see what is possible 

  XL-dlx logo   <‑‑Download demo add-in Excel (v. 1.5.0)     |   Videos and detailed description

  XL-dlx logo   <‑‑Download demo add-in PowerPoint (v. 1.13.15)      |   Videos and detailed description

If you are struggeling to perform specific tasks with MS Office  or if you feel editing your documents with MS Office is cumbersome, you may want to get in touch with   Service   a·t   to find out if there is a MSO deluxe solution or if it can be created by MSO-dlx. 

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