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This sample addin shows off functions for the precise formatting when visualizing the results of calculations in tables and charts.
Watch videos on a few functions.
  • [[add video links]]  Quick sizing and positioning of chart elements by points
  • [[add video links]]  Quick copying of sizing and positioning of chart elements via Chart functions > Pickup/apply chart format
  • ...




The add-in is signed digitally to prove its origin and prevent tampering and it does not require elevated user privileges.  It can be installed and used by a normal Windows user.  It does neither contain harmful code nor does it send any data.


    digital signature

    digital signature

    digital signature




This add-in has been tested on all Microsoft Office versions from 2007 through 2016;  nonetheless it comes without warranty.  The add-in comes as freeware for private use and to a limited degree as freeware for non-private use.  The current version is valid through 12 May 2018 and a new version will be posted for download in due time.

Instructions on the installations are included in the .zip archive of the download. It is recommend to simply copy the "MSO-dlx_XL-demo.xlam" file into the directory "%appdata%\microsoft\Excel\XLSTART", from where Excel should load it automatically upon starting.






If you run into questions, find errors, have suggestions or requests, please send an email to   Service   a·t .

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