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Formatting Tombstones in PowerPoint – fast and professional with MSO-dlx

Ready-made tombstones hardly ever fit the specific pitch at hand.  The amount of space available on the slide differs.  Descriptions may have to be reworded to highlight relevant aspects.  

...  Before you know it you've spent an inordinate amount of time on formatting tombstones while the presentation date is approaching.

  offers a standalone addin for fast and professional editing of tombstones

  • Quickly create new tombstone matrices using a tombstone reference table and a tombstone data table
  • Fit tombstones into the space is available on the slide
  • Full control over size and gap width of the tombstone matrix, uniform row heights
  • Extract data from tombstones into a tombstone data table for migration and data processing

If interested, request your demo version by email to   Service   a·t

This video shows how quickly a matrix of six tombstone can be created, fitted, re-ordered, expanded by two more tombstones and fitted again into the space available on the slide.  (15 minutes only – given the Tombstone tools from

This video shows how to set the row heights of tombstones in matrices uniformly in a snap – given the Tombstone tools from MSO‑

If interested, please send an email to   Service   a·t   to obtain your demo version.

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