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Quick paragraph styles in PowerPoint

PowerPoints lacks the function to assign paragraph styles in tables and shapes as quickly as in placeholders.

  offers two solutions for paragraph styles

  • A floating palette for quick paragraph formatting as in placeholders as well as formatting symbolic custom bullets
  • MSO-dlx also offers the specialist XML programming knowhow to prepare a PowerPoint design/template file which allows the user to assign paragraph styles in tables and textboxes as in placeholders by just setting the corresponding list level

Watch the video below to see both the paragraph style palette in action and starting at 9:30 a presentation prepared with custom table and shapes for paragraph formatting per list level as in placeholders.

If interested, request your demo version by email to   Service   a·t

Floating palette for quick paragraph formatting and custom bullets


If interested, please send an email to   Service   a·t   to obtain your demo version.

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